Big Boy Offset Barrel Smoker


Professional Standard Smoker with Baffle Plate

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As its name suggests, the Big Boy Offset Smoker is BIG, with a 1.33m smoking chamber and an overall length of over 2 metres. The main smoke chamber features an angled stainless steel smoke baffle-plate to help graduate the flow of smoke more evenly throughout the primary smoking chamber. A butterfly valve hidden in the chimney regulates smoke throughput and a vent located on the fire box wall controls oxygen supply.


  • Heay duty 3mm plate steel construction
  • Stainless steel smoke baffle plate
  • Adjustable smoke flow-rate
  • Adjustable oxygen supply
  • Rustic wagon style design

Overall Dimensions

  • Length: 2. 3m
  • Width: 1m
  • Height 1.84m
Smoking Barrel Dimensions
  • Length: 1.33m
  • Diameter: 61cm
Offset Firebox
  • Length: 61cm
  • Diameter: 61cm
Weight 150 kg
Dimensions 2.3 x 1 x 1.84 cm


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