2 Tier Argentinean Built In Charcoal BBQ Grill Station


2 Tier Argentinean Built In Charcoal BBQ Grill Station

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This spectular BBQ grill is as much of a crowd pleaser as it is a high performance piece of equipment. Two adjustable height tiers strung on stainless steel cables and operated by independent crank handles give you the power to raise and lower the grills, increasing or decreasing exposure to the hot coals below. An insulated firebox protects the rest of your bench from the itense heat of the coals and insulated sliding fuel doors make re-loading safe when you need to replenish the coal.

The Argentian style grill itself features inverted V grill bars which trap and heat the juices, allowing them to re-penetrating the meat, delivering intensified flavours and a juicier texture. The lower grill is gently inclined to guide the juices slowly towards a stainless steel drip tray that sits inside the grill over the fuel doors. Both the grill sets rest inside an angled frame that makes for easy removal when cleaning time comes.


  • 2 Tier height adjustable stainless steel grills
  • Removable grills for easy cleaning
  • Refractory brick insulated, reinforced firebox
  • Self-locking crank wheels
  • Fibre glass insulated, sliding fuel loading doors

Assembled Dimensions:

  • Length: 1m
  • Width: 50cm
  • Height (above bench top): 50cm
  • Depth (below bench top): 32cm
Weight 75 kg


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